PC Force - Serving Prior Lake, Brooklyn Park and their surrounding areas.
Discover all the ways PC Force can help to support and protect you.
• Repairs/Maintenance
• Problem Resolution/Prevention
• Hardware/Software Upgrades
• Tune-Ups/Checkups
• Security & Virus Protection
• How-To Related Training

With PC Force
You Get Every Advantage
It's a perfect combination of reliable and personal service
from a knowledgeable and professional staff!
  Trusted in Homes and Businesses
Accessible - Serving the Twin-Cities Area
Experienced - Over 19 years On-the-job
Affordable Rates for Value Added Services
Guaranteed Satisfaction
Custom-Built Intel-Based Computers
Knows your needs & system
Select from our Comprehensive Service Plans
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  N e t w o r k   A s s u r a n c e   P l a n     N e t w o r k   A s s u r a n c e   P l u s
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