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Full & Proper
With a new PC installation (which means a PC that you purchased on your own, or through PC Force), you will receive:

• Data transfer for mainstream applications from existing PC, transfer of Email

• Installation of mainstream applications, configuring of printers, PC setup. (software purchases are separate)

With a new PC installation, or for your existing PC, you will receive:

• Creation of a complete software/data backup (Ghost Image*) which allows for fast recovery from catastrophic hard disk failure... a step that alone could save you up to 12 hours of re-installation and recovery labor, plus your Ghost Image will contain all of the initial data that we transfer as well.

* A "Ghost Image" is a total system backup; while a regular backup generally tends to consist of just your data, and usually not your full system software configuration. Thus making Ghost a great thing to do after your PC has been fully installed and optimized as your baseline.

• Automated virus detection and spyware removal.

• Allowance for a set number of hours to transfer any of your custom configuration. This will depend on whether or not you enroll in a Support Plan.

• 30 minutes of "How-to" training for you.

• Outlook 2003 or Norton Email SPAM filters applied. (Requires your separate purchase of the Office 2003/Norton Internet Security suite.)

• PC Firewall Implemented. (software based)

• Unique logins for each user of the PC (if desired).

• Content Filtering implemented. This is great for parents concerned about childrens' surfing habits.

NOTE: For optimal performance, new software or hardware may be recommended, but not required. Please consult with us before buying software and/or hardware for your PC. We'll be happy to help you decide what you will need, and that is whether you decide to buy through us or elsewhere.

Network Assessment*
Check with us for specific details... Networks can be as varied as life itself... and we need to be working in accordance with your specific situation.

Virtual Private Network Server*
Check with us for specific details... VPN's have served our clients well. We need to be working in accordance with your specific situation.

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